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Although Salvimar has been around since 1962, it wasn’t until 2010 that it launched itself as a dedicated spearfishing brand. Using the experience gained in third-party processing for other companies, it has combined expert engineering with innovative ideas to create a unique range of spearguns and accessories that are popular all over the world.

Product development and manufacture of Salvimar goods takes place in Casarza Ligure, Italy, and is conducted with typical Italian flair – and no small amount of pride.

About Salvimar Spearguns

Choosing your speargun can be a confusing process that will leave your head spinning. And this is especially so for a beginner simply because of the massive range available. Take your time over this, and familiarize yourself with all the different types. When you reach Salvimar, you’ll notice that they stand out from the others. There’s something really satisfying about the shape, a reassuring solidity to each model – especially the newer ones. Each detail has been carefully designed and engineered, providing efficiency as well as appeal.

Taking the new Tomohawk as an example, Salvimar has increased the amount of power by 35% by making room for 4 additional bands. The profile has been adjusted to provide better ‘hydrostatic trim’, which basically means it balances well in the water. To ensure a smooth action, the ‘guide’ is made of Teflon. The shaft is constructed of aeronautical aluminum alloy, for strength and lightness. And the release mechanism is a new innovation called Heavy Metal 350 which has been tested to 350kg. Even the curved-profile handle has been ergonomically improved to provide comfort as well as support.

Pneumatic Spearguns

If band-powered spearguns aren’t your thing, you could always take a look at Salvimar’s pneumatic range. As you might expect, Salvimar took something familiar and tweaked it to make it even better. Through clever engineering, it improved the vuoto solution, which basically means that the gun is designed to have no water inside the barrel. The piston then only has to push air out, instead of a column of water, which forces out the shaft at a greater velocity. This helps to balance the barrel in the water, makes loading easier, reduces recoil, and makes for a more accurate shot.

The imaginatively named Dark Side and Predathor (predator) ranges of pneumatic spearguns include features such as a power regulator (Predathor Plus model) which lets the user reduce the power by up to 50%, which is great when using the gun in shallows or among rocks. Although some models are made from carbon fiber, others are glass-filled nylon. This unique material is ideal for adapting to variations in water temperature quickly and easily, as well as providing excellent shock-absorbing qualities.

Final Thoughts on Salvimar

As well as this impressive selection of guns, Salvimar complements this with its wetsuits, masks, and other gear, all designed to make your spearfishing experience safer and more enjoyable. Designed and built in Italy and transported to 50 countries worldwide, Salvimar products deserve the high regard they have earned over the last decade, and the signs all point to this only getting better.

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