What Is Cobia?

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What Is Cobia

The Cobia (Rachycentron Canadum), also known as the ling, lemonfish, cabio, cubby yew, crabeater, and surgeonfish, are the only members of the Rachycentridae family that can be found in North America. They can weigh up to 150 pounds, grow up to 6 feet, and live for 12 years approximately. Since they are large in size, cobia fish are commonly mistaken for sharks. This species is native to the Mid-Atlantic/Southeast region, they are aggressive predators that eat mainly crustaceans, but can also feed on squids and other fish.

This species has a long body with a sunken head. When it comes to appearance, they are dark brown in color which changes to white around the belly area. Young cobia can have a variety of colors such as black with white stripes and certain green, yellow, and orange spots. They have one single dorsal fin and their lower jaw is slightly longer than the upper jaw.

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Is Cobia Good To Eat?

Cobia can be hard to harvest since they are rarely seen in groups, but once you manage to catch one, can you actually eat it? The answer is yes! In fact, they are very delicious and are known as one of the best choices of fish to eat. These predators are usually overlooked as only sportfish, but they actually have a rich flavor. They do have a higher mercury count than similar fish of this size and it is recommended to bleed them immediately upon catching them.

What Does Cobia Taste Like?

Cobia has a rich flavor that is fresh and buttery. The taste is mild and their white meat is firm, on top of that, their meat is low on fat. People have compared their taste to Ling Cod’s, another saltwater white fish. Since their taste is mild it gives you many options in terms of preparation. You have plenty of room for playing with other variety of flavors to accompany this fish and it will taste great cooked any way. Additionally, these fish offer great benefits to your health. They are high in protein, potassium, vitamin B, selenium, and Omega-3, which can improve your mental health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Where Are Cobia Found?

This species of fish are known to live in warm waters so they move south to the Atlantic coast during fall and winter. You can often find them in the Gulf Of Mexico during the spring and summertime. Cobia can be found all around the world in warm or subtropical waters such as Argentina, the Caribbean sea, and Australia – close to reefs and other marine structures.

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