Top 10 Fishing Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day 2022

By Richard Corrigan •  8 min read
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Fathers Day always makes me think back to the first time I went fishing with my dad. I was about four years old, and we went chasing bluegills on some little no-name lake in the middle of nowhere. I don’t really remember if we caught anything (probably not) and to be honest, it doesn’t matter one bit. Who could have guessed that day would lead to a life-long obsession? I’d bet that a lot of us have memories like that. With Father’s Day right around the corner, I can’t help but wonder how many dads have introduced their sons and daughters to fishing, and what a debt of gratitude we owe them for that. If you’re looking for a great Fishing Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day, I hope this list offers some good ideas. One thing is for sure; a fishing trip with the old man is a gift you’ll both enjoy. 

Mossy Oak Fishing Tool Kit

For dads who love tools as much as they love fishing, this four-piece fishing tool kit from Mossy Oak is a slam-dunk. The kit offers a handy assortment of essential fishing tools that anyone who fishes a lot will get plenty of use out of. 

The kit includes a filet knife with sheath, a trigger-grip fish gripper, pistol-grip pliers, and a set of folding line snippers. Each is well-designed, with rubberized grips for non-slip contact in slick conditions. The only tool in the bunch that has limited usefulness—at least for me—is the fish gripper. Still, the whole assortment is a great value and a perfect dad gift.

White River Fly Shop Wicker Creel

Is there a more iconic piece of fishing equipment than the classic wicker creel? It’s the perfect way for fly fishermen, and anyone who enjoys wading while they fish, to keep their catch alive and happy. For fly fishermen of a certain generation, this is a gift that’s likely to evoke a warm glow of nostalgia as well. 

In addition to being a welcome throwback, the White River Fly Shop Wicker Creel is handsome, durable and functional. It’s made of natural wicker, and has a few modern updates to its design including a quick-grab wicker handle, adjustable nylon shoulder strap and sturdy leather strap closure.

High Plains Spice Co. – Fishermans 4-Pack

For many of us, cooking our catch is every bit as important as the catch itself. I know I’ve enjoyed many a lakeside meal of freshly caught fish with my own father, and—with all due respect to my dad’s shore lunch skills—this spice assortment from the High Plains Spice Company would have been a welcome companion during those meals. 

The Fisherman’s 4-Pack includes four spice blends meant to take grilling fish to the next level. These gourmet spice blends are hand-made in small batches. Each one is fresh, flavorful and free of all artificial colors, preservatives and fillers. Pairing them with different types of fish offers a lot of possibilities for inventive camp cooking. 

MadBite Terminal Tackle Kit

Us anglers know what we really need the most. Hooks. Sinkers. Swivels. Jigheads. Bobbers. In other words, terminal tackle. We go through it like crazy, and a tackle kit like this one from MadBite is always a welcome gift. 

The MadBite Terminal Tackle Kit contains 214 pieces of essential tackle, including all of the aforementioned staples in various sizes that are perfect for bass, trout and panfish. It all comes in a handy see-through tackle box for easy organization. It’s a fun, versatile collection that any fishing dad will put to good use. 

How to Think Like a Fish

There are two types of books about fishing. There are instructional guidebooks, and there are fish stories. How to Think Like a Fish is a bit of both, with an extra dash of philosophy thrown in. Written by professional fisherman Jeremy Wade, host of Animal Planet’s River Monsters, this is a book with a sense of adventure that practically leaps off the page.

Equal parts fishing how-to and memoir, How to Think Like a Fish abounds in authentic fish tales and hard-earned life lessons. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable read that anyone who’s spent a good chunk of their life in boats and on riverbanks will get something out of. 

Fishing Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day – Cabela’s Prestige Fly Tying Station

Fly tying is an art form, and once it gets its hooks into you—no pun intended—it can become an obsession. Of course, every fly-tier, whether they’re a beginner or expert, needs a workstation. The Cabela’s Prestige Fly Tying Station is a perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who are interested in dabbling in fly tying. 

The Prestige Fly Tying Station includes an open material bin, left and right vise mounts, adjustable spool storage rods, 24 tool holes and three wells for hooks, beads, and other supplies. It’s designed to be about as roomy as it gets while still being portable. Your dad could easily set it up in his home office, garage, or wherever he likes to work. 

Rustico Leather Fishing Log Book

The most successful anglers have something in common: they take notes. Documenting the where, when and how behind every catch is a great way to track your progress and become a better fisherman. It’s also a useful way to jog your memory when you can’t remember what lure you were using when you caught all those fish that one time. 

This handmade, leatherbound fishing log from Rustico is a great place to do it. It’s a handsome volume with a cover made of rich, top grain leather. Inside you’ll find 96 pages of premium 70-weight rough-cut paper, ready to be filled with all your adventures. It’s a perfect gift for the dad who enjoys jotting down his thoughts while fishing. 

Fishing Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day – Rapala Ultralight Lure Kit

Rapala has a reputation for making some of the most effective fishing lures on the market, and this four-piece gift set includes four beautiful Rapala lures in one package. They’re all sized for ultralight fishing, and if you go after game fish like bass, panfish and trout in smaller ponds and streams, these are just right. 

The set includes an Original Floating Rapala, a Mini Fat Rap, a Rapala CountDown and a Rattlin’ Rapala. These lures can be hard to find in ultralight sizes, and this set is a great opportunity to fill out your dad’s ultralight lure collection for Father’s Day. It comes with a keychain too, which is a nice bonus. 

Filson Fly Wallet

Anyone who’s ever spent time fly-fishing knows that keeping flies organized can be a real chore. This Filson Fly Wallet is a great solution to that common problem, making it a prime Father’s Day gift for dads who fly-fish. It’s made of rugged twill fabric with an inner sheepskin shearling lining to affix flies for easy retrieval. 

The wallet measures 11 ¼” x 6 ¼” open, so it provides plenty of room for a wide selection of flies of all sizes. It has leather binding for added durability, and oil-finish Tin Cloth for extra water protection. The whole thing has a handsome, hard-wearing look, and is a tri-fold design for easy carry. 

Fishing Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day – Lunker Lounger Fishing Chair

Every great fisherman needs a great throne to sit on. The Lunker Lounger Fishing Chair from bass Pro Shops is one of my favorites, mostly because you can tell it was designed with anglers in mind. If your dad enjoys bank and pier fishing, then this is likely to be a big hit. 

The Lunker Lounger has two built-in adjustable rod holders, a side organizer pocket, and two cup holders. Best of all, it has a mesh compartment under the seat that can accommodate a 360-size tackle box. The chair is also durable, comfy, and designed to accommodate anglers of all shapes and sizes. 

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