Thule AllTrail 25L Backpack Review

By Richard Corrigan •  4 min read

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You probably know Thule as the company that makes the roof rack for your bike or kayak. But they have some great hiking packs in their lineup as well, and the AllTrail 25L Men’s Hiking Backpack is an excellent addition. With a clean, minimalist design, the Thule AllTrail 25L pack is a simple and reliable no-frills day pack. It has plenty of room to hold all the essentials for a long day on the trail. However, there are not any unnecessary pockets or compartments to lose gear in.

Specs and Stats

The Thule AllTrail 25L Men’s Hiking Backpack has a simple top-loading design that provides quick and easy access to its ample main compartment (you can also access the main compartment through a side zipper). At 25 liters, it’s at the larger end of what one would need for a day pack, and could be used for overnight hikes as well, provided you’re able to pack light. 

In addition to the main compartment, the Thule pack has a zippered lid, front shove-it pocket, hip belt pockets and two water bottle pockets. The pack weighs 1.95 lb. and is made of 330D ripstop polyester with tougher 420D ‘Dobby Poly’ around the bottom and sides. It has an inner sleeve for a hydration reservoir (sold separately) along with a drink tube exit port. 

Pros of the Thule AllTrail 25L Men’s Hiking Backpack

  • No-nonsense design. A lot of packs are over-engineered, with overly cluttered and complicated designs. By comparison, the Thule AllTrail 25L pack is a breath of fresh air. It’s simple and straightforward, which makes it an excellent user-friendly pack for hikers of all skill and experience levels.
  • Sturdy construction. The 330 Denier polyester used to make most of the pack is plenty resistant to rips and abrasions, but the 420 Denier Dobby Poly added to sensitive areas makes it even tougher. Hikers can confidently traverse tight squeezes and rough terrain without worrying about damaging their pack.
  • Versatile design. Thanks to its spacious 25L capacity, this is a great “crossover” pack that can be used for day hikes as well as overnight trips. 

Cons of the Thule AllTrail 25L Men’s Hiking Backpack

  • Slightly small. The AllTrail has a comfortable fit with adjustable suspension, but some taller hikers have found the pack to be a little short. If your torso is longer than 21” it’s possible that the hip belt will ride higher than it should.
  • Unnecessary side zipper. The top-loading compartment is more than sufficient for loading and unloading, and this pack isn’t really deep enough for gear to get “buried” inside. That makes the side zipper somewhat redundant. This isn’t a problem per se, but it’s a feature that it’s hard to imagine most hikers getting much use out of, and the only misstep in an otherwise flawlessly simple design.
  • No rain cover. Thule makes a rain cover that fits the AllTrail 25L Hiking Backpack, but it’s sold separately. The pack materiel itself is fairly water-resistant, but by no means waterproof. 

Is the Thule AllTrail 25L Backpack a good long range backpack?

The AllTrail 25L backpack from Thule is a great option for those looking for a long range backpack. It features a variety of pockets and compartments to keep your belongings organized, as well as comfortable straps and a padded back panel to keep you comfortable while carrying it. Additionally, the built-in rain cover will protect your belongings from the elements. Overall, the AllTrail 25L backpack is a great option for those looking for a long range backpack.

Thule AllTrail 25L: Final Thoughts

The Thule AllTrail 25L Men’sHiking Backpack is well-built, with a simple design that should appeal to all hikers. It’s just right as a larger day pack or a smaller overnight bag, and is comfortable as well as versatile. Thule also offers a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturing defects on this pack.

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