Three Tips For Fall Fishing That Will Assist You To Bring In The Big Catch

By Charles •  3 min read

Many an angler looks forward to fall fishing for the big catch and calm waters. Popular fishing spots that are normally crowded with summer tourists start to clear out as cooler weather hits. It gives fishermen and women a bit of breathing room, so they can check out areas closer to shore or spots they’d normally avoid in the busy season.

Fishing in the fall is a different beast from summer fishing. The cold waters mean fish move slowly and are less inclined to spend excess energy on any prey they spot. While the change can be frustrating for anglers, it’s possible to have a successful day of fishing if you alter your technique. Here are a few fall fishing tips to try and improve your catch this season.

Look for Fall Fishing Hiding Spots to Find the Big Catch

As the water cools down fish are less likely to be mobile. They tend to congregate in hiding spots under vegetation, rocks, docks, and sharp turns or dips in the creek. Keep your bait moving over these areas as long as possible so they stay within biting range. Don’t be afraid to cast over the same area multiple times from different angles. The fish are down there, they just need to be enticed to take a nibble.

Fall Fishing Means Using Slower Moving Baits

As fish start fattening up for the winter, they tend to go after bigger prey. Bass really love bigger minnows and bait fish that move slowly. When picking out lures to place on your line, lean towards the ones that are easier to pull through the water at a pace that is attractive to hungry, but lazy fish.

Types of Baits/Lures That Work For Fall Fishing

  • Spinnerbaits create a lot of movement, even when fished slowly in the water.
  • Jigs are very attractive to fish in the early fall, especially when you pull or hop them along the water’s surface.
  • Crankbaits modeled after silvery minnows may move quickly, but they are also an eye-catching, larger lure that bring in the big fish.

Be Patient When Fall Fishing If You Want To Bring In The Big Catch

Cooler water can keep the fish from moving too soon. You might have to try different lures, cast from the same spot repeatedly, and keep playing with that lure. Try to achieve a calm, zen-like state so you aren’t tempted to change spots over and over. It can also help to wait until midday when the water is warmest to start fishing too.

The key take away from these fall fishing tips is that you need to switch up your lures and how you pull them. Stick with lures that create a large profile in the water, while moving in a very relaxed manner. With a little patience, you’ll be able to catch some big bass, salmon, perch, or halibut to fry up for dinner!

Featured Photo by Mana Nabavian on Unsplash


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