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A Little Info About Ramshorn Llamas

At Ramshorn Llamas we believe everyone should have a chance to enjoy the majestic beauty of the wilderness. We started the company with this belief and in hopes of being able to help more people get that chance. Our pack llamas provide a means of getting the gear you want into the backcountry so your trip can be more enjoyable. In addition, all of you hunters will be able to use our llamas to get that deer, elk, moose, etc. out without killing yourself in the process.

Ramshorn Llamas – Pack Llamas

Have you been interested in renting some pack llamas for your next hunting, fishing, or camping trip in Wyoming? Maybe, you are just doing a little research? Either way, you should take a look at the article below.

Why Rent Pack Llamas?

  1. They eat 5-10% the amount of food that a horse or mule eats.
  2. They are low maintenance in camp.
    • Stake them out and leave them for the day.
    • Move them to a new spot each day.
  3. They can go extended periods without drinking water.
  4. They have a soft, padded hoof which lowers impact on the trail and vegetation and gives them great traction.
  5. They are very strong and can carry 60 to 80 pounds in any terrain.
  6. They are very easy to handle.
  7. They are VERY low drama and less excitable.
  8. They are very quiet (good for hunting).
  9. They are great with kids and older people.

Who Needs To Rent Pack Llamas?

  1. Backpackers
  2. Climbers
  3. Fisherman
  4. Hunters
  5. Photographers
  6. Scout Groups
  7. Work Crews

When Do You Need To Rent Pack Llamas?

  1. When you need to extend your range, so you can hike further from the trailhead and avoid others.
  2. When you need to get game out quickly and effectively.
  3. When you need to get extra gear into the backcountry.
  4. When you need to bring in better quality fresh food.
  5. When you need to relieve stress on your knees and back.
  6. When you need to explore multiple lakes, rivers, and/or streams that are hard to get to.
  7. When you need to set up a remote base camp.
  8. When you need to carry more water into areas that hold little or no natural water resources.


Charles is a man who loves the outdoors. He moved to Wyoming specifically to spend more time in the mountains and wilderness. A hunter and fisherman, Charles knows how to enjoy nature and all that it has to offer. He is an outdoorsman through and through, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Charles is the President of Absaroka Enterprises, an company focuse on outdoor entertainment and endeavours. He's also an Editor for Alpha and Omega Outdoors, an online hunting, fishing, camping, trapping, and all around outdoors blog.

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