Mountaintop 70L/75L Backpack Review

By Richard Corrigan •  3 min read
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The Mountaintop 70L/75L Backpack is all about bang for your buck. It outperforms similar models that cost significantly more, and has the spacious capacity to keep you well supplied on extended backpacking trips. It would be a stretch to say it’s perfect, but this pack from Mountaintop offers one of the best deals on a large backpack under $100.

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Stats and Specs

As its name suggests, the Mountaintop 70L/75L Backpack has a variable capacity. A top collar underneath the removable lid can expand the pack from 70L to 75L, depending on your needs. In addition to the spacious main compartment, the pack has a separate sleeping bag compartment and five additional external/internal pockets. The main compartment is accessible via a top-loading drawstring opening as well as a side zipper

The Mountaintop 70L/75L weighs 4.4 pounds, which isn’t ultralight by any means, but it’s also not bad for a pack with such an ample capacity. It’s compatible with a 3L hydration bladder, and has an attached rain cover that stows away in the underside of the pack.

The body of the Mountaintop is made of water-resistant polyester, which isn’t quite as rugged as the nylon used on some higher-end packs, but not bad considering the price. The back panel, shoulder straps and hip belt are well-padded, with breathable sponge padding for ventilation and comfort.

Pros of the Mountaintop 70L/75L Backpack

  • Great value. Despite its low price tag, the Mountaintop 70L/75L Backpack doesn’t look or feel cheap. It’s durably made with quality materials, easily holding its own against packs that cost significantly more.
  • Adjustable torso length. The suspension of the 70L/75L Backpack is easy to adjust, with 8 length options that fit any torso lengths from 15” to 21”. That feature, along with the adjustable hip belt and sternum strap, makes it well suited to a wide range of body types and heights. Only very tall hikers may have trouble getting a good fit.
  • Spacious and variable capacity. With 70L of space and numerous compartments and pockets, the Mountaintop pack is already large enough for long thru-hikes. The ability to expand the capacity to 75L is icing on the cake if you need to carry extra gear and supplies.

Cons of the Mountaintop 70L/75L Backpack

  • Inconvenient pocket layout. The overall layout of the Mountaintop could be improved. The side zipper to the main compartment is too small to realistically provide easy access, and the separate zippered compartment on the opposite side of the pack is also inconveniently small. The mesh water bottle holders are just barely big enough to hold a Nalgene bottle, and the hip belt pockets are hard to reach while wearing the pack.
  • Potential comfort issues. Like a lot of larger packs, the Mountaintop 70L/75L Backpack can be a difficult carry when it’s heavily loaded. In this case, some users have noted back discomfort because the upper part of the back panel is more generously padded than the lower part, making it feel off-balance.

Mountaintop 70L/75L Backpack: Final Thoughts

You’d have a hard time finding a better budget pack for serious, long-distance backpacking trips. The Mountaintop 70L/75L Backpack outperforms just about all other packs in its price range, and appears to be well-made enough to last for years, provided you get used to its slightly underwhelming layout.

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