Hunt Elk In Wyoming – How To Draw A Tag

By Charles •  7 min read

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Every year I am my friends and members of my family will ask me – “How can I get a tag to hunt elk in Wyoming?”.  You see, I have a pretty good understanding of this process since I live in Wyoming now and applied for tags for years as a nonresident before I moved here.  With this in mind, I thought I would take a few minutes and break down a few of the more important things you will need to know if you are thinking of trying a elk hunt here this year.

A Brief Overview Of The Process Of “Getting” A Tag To Hunt Elk In Wyoming

Wyoming Resident Elk Tags

Getting an elk tag for Wyoming residents is a pretty simple process. 

Wyoming Nonresident Elk Tags

For nonresidents, the drawing system is much, much more difficult. 

A Breakdown Of The Types Of Wyoming Elk Hunting Units And Tags

General Elk Units/Tags

Many of Wyoming’s Elk units are general units and you would need a general tag to hunt these units. 

Limited Quota Archery Elk Units/Tags

There are some units in Wyoming that offer a limited quota archery tag.  If you draw this tag, you will be able to hunt a special archery season that is only open for people with this tag. 

Limited Quota Rifle Elk Units/Tags

The limited quota rifle units in Wyoming offer a you at a chance of an elk hunt in a unit that is managed for more “trophy” animals with lower hunting pressure. 

Reduced Price Cow/Calf Units/Tags

If you just want to come on an excellent adventure in the west, Wyoming offers a large number of reduced price cow/calf tags. 

As you can see, it will take some research and time to figure out where you want to hunt elk in Wyoming and what type of tag you will need to hunt that unit.  Do not give up hope though.  There is plenty of information out there that will help you find an area and to help you to find out your chances of drawing that unit. The best place to start would be the Hunt Planner on the Wyoming Game & Fish Website.

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