How to Field Dress A Rabbit and Butcher It

By Charles •  5 min read

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After you have killed your rabbit, you may be wondering how to field dress a rabbit.  Rabbit seasons are generally during the colder parts of the year so you do not necessarily have to dress them right away.  So to start with, you can throw the rabbit in your vest pocket or a backpack to carry it until you are finished with your hunt. However, if you want to take care of it right on the spot, there is nothing wrong with that either.

How to Field Dress a Rabbit – Skinning

You can start to field dress a rabbit by taking the hike from the body.  While you are doing this, remember that rabbit hides are pretty thin and will tear easily. 

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How to Field Dress a Rabbit – Gutting or Removing the Entrails

After skinning the rabbit, you will have to remove the entrails (guts).  This keeps the meat from spoiling too quick.  If at all possible, try to keep from cutting the stomach open and spilling the contents all over the meat.

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Butchering and Eating Rabbit for Dinner

Butchering a rabbit is not all that difficult.

You can eat rabbit in a variety of ways; however, it is most often prepared in a stew. Braise it first to add that lovely, umami taste of roasted meat to your stew.

How to field dress a rabbit - butchered rabbit
Photo of a butchered rabbit – Click to visit Hank Shaw’s Website for recipes.

Feature Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash


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