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When you’re selecting your spearfishing equipment, you need a name you can trust. You want to feel reassured that your investment is sound, that the gear is not going to let you down. And this is why a lot of spearos choose Cressi.

History of Cressi

Still operating out of their headquarters in Genova, Italy, Cressi has been manufacturing and selling high-quality spearfishing equipment since 1946. Brothers Egidio and Nanni began making gear for themselves back in 1938. They mostly wanted it for themselves and a small but dedicated fraternity of water-lovers. Their Mediterranean location has been pivotal to the history and development of the company, allowing equipment to be tested in a real environment by people who are passionate about underwater recreation. As their gear became popular the company grew, now serving 90 countries around the globe. However, it is still owned and run by the same family. Antonio Cressi continues his father and uncle’s legacy by being personally involved in the business. Therefore, it ensures that their high standards are kept. This is the reason for keeping the manufacturing base in Italy. Allowing them to keep stricter control over the quality of the products.

Some Of Their Best Known Gear

This long and successful history has put Cressi at the top when it comes to spearfishing gear. They have built on their success by investing in new innovations that have proved popular over the years. Here are a few examples of these:

  • The Medusa full-face mask – produced at the very start, and one of the reasons for their success, this was the first full-face mask made.
  • The Pinnochio Mask – another first, this time with a dedicated ‘nose pocket’ which helps with equalization.
  • The Rondine Fin – the elongated blade gives increased efficiency.
  • The Big-Eyes Evolution Mask – using crystal silicone and angled lenses, this mask gives a much wider field of view, with the added bonus that they can take prescription glasses, and are partly made from recycled material.
  • The Leonardo Diving Computer – carries the most up to date decompression algorithms.
  • The Otterflex Diving Suit – a recent innovation,
  • The ‘Duke Dry’ Mask – based on the Medusa, this remarkable mask has ‘anti-fog’ technology and a  panoramic view. Easier breathing reduces fatigue and two valves for draining water, along with the ‘dry-stop deflector’ which circulates the air ensure that you are kept safe throughout your dive.

This covers a tiny range of the award-winning products that Cressi has introduced to the market. It’s safe to say that no other underwater sports and recreation equipment company can offer such a variety.

The name of Cressi is well known in the freediving community for their masks, snorkels, fins, and soft goods. In the scuba spearfishing community, you’ll find that their regulators, buoyancy compensators, and other equipment are highly sought after. Check any spearo forum and you’ll find that Cressi is a staple brand of the sport. One thing’s for sure; they’re going to stay at the top for years to come.


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