Choosing The Right Speargun For Your Skill Level

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Choosing The Right Speargun For Your Skill Level

As with all sports, if you’re going to go spearfishing, you may as well do it properly. You’ve invested in the equipment and it pays to avoid compromise when it comes to quality. This is especially the case with your speargun; if you select a poor, badly made or weak one, you will probably regret it.

So, what are expert Spearos using? Take a look at these 5 examples to find out, and guide you in choosing the right speargun for you.

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Choosing The Right Speargun For You

AB Biller Wood Special Speargun

These models have a wooden barrel (high-grade mahogany, teak or padauk) which absorbs up to 80% of the firing noise. Their neutral buoyancy gives maneuverability underwater, and they are suitable for most conditions, adding to their appeal to freedivers and scuba divers.

Power is provided by two 9/16″ rubber slings, firing 5/16″ stainless steel shafts with double-barb Rockpoint tips of hardened stainless steel. A smooth, reliable stainless steel trigger mechanism, with easy-loading, makes these models popular.

Rob Allen Tuna Railgun

These combine ruggedness and power with deadly precision, using an aviation-grade aluminum barrel with integrated rail and double 5/8″ bands. The ‘dipped rubber’ method used when making the bands give them incredible strength, resulting in maximum firepower.

A low-profile muzzle, along with a mechanism made from glass-reinforced nylon, means that you have a robust machine that delivers pinpoint accuracy, with high-tensile ‘springer’ steel spears.

JBL Woody Speargun

With their comfortable load pad, solid mahogany barrel and 45-degree ergonomic handle with ‘honeycomb’ design, these models have been a favorite for over 45 years. They combine simplicity with technical excellence; an M10 three-piece trigger mechanism, closed muzzle with slide ring for easy loading, as well as positive buoyancy. The 9/16″ bands (either 2 or 3, depending on the model) fire heat-treated stainless steel shafts.

Ocean Rhino Speargun

This range was developed by Kevin Bruington of Spearfishing Specialties, with over 25 year’s worth of experience of commercial spearfishing. Each model combines the best features of other designs with innovative new ones, resulting in a range that offers durability, reliability and the option to add further accessories.

The keywords most often associated with Ocean Rhino spearguns are user-friendly and accuracy. For many commercial spearos, these are the band speargun of choice. The barrels are constructed of laminated, high-grade mahogany with ‘Rhino’ coating for extra durability and underwater camouflage. The 5/8″ bands (up to three) launch hardened spring stainless steel spears with hardened ‘spinner’ speartips and double barb.

Aimrite Envy Pro

These Australian-made models have extra buoyancy, being made from 100% carbon fiber. and they carry a lifetime warranty. Featuring a ‘reverse roller’ trigger mechanism that increases the firepower as well as offering a smooth trigger pull, the 5/8″ bands (single or double) fire South African spring steel spears. The key here is ‘precision’, and these models were developed to handle the harsh conditions of the Australian spearfishing environment.

All of these great models will be sure to give you the edge, so choose wisely, then head out to the water.

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