Bristol Bay Leather Boot Review & Buyer’s Guide

By Charles •  4 min read
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A good pair of boots can make any outdoorsman feel more alive and inspired. Xtratuf offers many different options, including their popular Bristol Bay Leather Boots. The men’s Bristol Bay leather boot comes in a handful of different looks and styles, as well, creating a very diverse possibility for the buyer who wants an excellent protective boot that also looks sharp and attractive on the foot. To that end, I have decided to take a deeper look in this Bristol Bay Leather Boot review and buyer’s guide.

In this review, we’ll take a look at three different options to give you a better feel for what this boot has to offer you. And by the time you’re done reading – which should take 5 min – 10 max – you will know whether the men’s Bristol Bay leather boot is right for you or if you want to try another option that better suits your needs as a buyer.

The Standard Men’s Bristol Bay Leather Boot Review

This standard all-purpose leather boot is perfect for various types of outdoor environments. Its leather surface will keep your foot warm and dry when you’re hunting, resist filling when you’re standing in a lake, and provide pressure-relief channels that make your foot more comfortable. The lace-up style helps to give extra protection to the ankle and avoids severe wear and tear.

Just as importantly, this boot comes in a pretty broad range of different sizes. Expect options as small as 7 up to 14. Between 7-12, you can get half-sizes, as well, such as 10.5 or 11.5. Those with wide feet may also find an option that suits their needs, though wide boots of this type are often harder to find and may require a particular order directly from the company.

Mens bristol bay leather boot review
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  • The 100-percent waterproof exterior will keep your feet dry
  • The slip-resistant surface will prevent falls
  • A memory-foam interior provides a maximum level of comfort for the foot


  • Some may find the price a little high for their needs
  • Laces may need to be replaced over time

The Black Bristol Bay Leather Boot Review

This variation on the standard men’s Bristol Bay leather boot is black, making it sharper and easier to spot. And it also blends into a broad range of environments, such as when out in the woods hunting or tracking an intelligent animal. The standard model comes in sizes from 7-14, with many half-sized variations and even comprehensive options for the right shopper.

Anglers often find this boot particularly beneficial due to its unique quick-dry surface. Taking them off at the end of the day and letting them dry out is relatively easy and should take no more than a few hours to handle appropriately. And each comes with a molded PU midsole and insole that provides extra support that ensures nobody wearing these boots feels uncomfortable at the end of the day.

Mens bristol bay leather boot review
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  • A very comfortable interior should stay dry in most environments
  • Easy to remove and put on with minimum difficulty
  • Black color blends into most environments with ease


  • The limited color scheme may not appeal to all buyers
  • Laces may take extra time to fully tie, frustrating some users.

The Bristol Bay Leather Canvas Boot Review

This Leather and Canvas Bristol Bay leather boot comes in brown and green to produce a more classic camo look. Like other types, it comes in sizes 7-14, though a handful of the half sizes are often sold out due to various market demands. This boot canvas helps it stand out a little by creating a different accent on the side that is more attractive and eye-catching than the typical boot.

The extra canvas on the boot’s side doesn’t detract from any of the other elements of this boot, such as its molded insole, the pressure-relief design, and the use of high-quality memory foam. All of these elements are still accounted for in this model. And the green and brown color helps make it an even better outdoor option than other boots from this manufacturer.

Mens bristol bay leather boot review
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  • Price is very similar to other boots
  • The extra style is an excellent option for many buyers
  • This model remains a very comfortable option


  • Canvas may get ripped if the user isn’t careful enough
  • Canvas could stain if not properly cleaned


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