The Best 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod Of 2022

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Fly fishing is a great sport for both experts and beginners. However, not everyone realizes that there is a lot of fun to be had while fly fishing in saltwater. This is why I thought I would review the best 10 wt saltwater fly rod.

This article takes an in-depth look at five excellent 10 wt saltwater fly rods. In addition, we have added a couple of extra honorable mentions to our list.

In case you want to skip all the explanations and reviews, I thought I would give you the list up front.

The Best 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod – Quick Reference Chart

AmazonBass Pro Shops
Editor’s Choice: Outcast Series Saltwater Hybrid Fly Fishing RodCHECK PRICE HEREN/A
Upgrade Choice: Vesper Series Fly Fishing RodCHECK PRICE HEREN/A
Best Value: Extreme Graphite Fly-Fishing RodCHECK PRICE HEREN/A
Maxcatch Saltwater Fly RodCHECK PRICE HEREN/A
Temple Fork Outfitters Mangrove Series Fly RodN/ACHECK PRICE HERE
Orvis Clearwater Big Game Fly RodN/ACHECK PRICE HERE
World Wide Sportsman Gold Cup Fly RodN/ACHECK PRICE HERE

Why You Should Choose A 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod

The 10 weight fly rod is a great choice for any anglers seeking to target larger tarpon, roosterfish, permit or milkfish. In addition, you can use this rod for larger cold water game fish such as pike and stripers.

In other words, if you choose a 10-weight, you’ll probably get to fish the rod more than one time a year. This is because this rod is still capable of finesse in the presentation and still has plenty of fighting capability.

Benefits Of A 10 wt Saltwater Fly Rod

  • This rod will be light enough to allow you to cast all day and make a more a better presentation than a heavier rods.
  • The 10 weight is a great choice for experienced saltwater anglers, that may be fishing for tarpon in clear water or highly pressured fisheries.

Downside Of A 10 wt Saltwater Fly Rod

  • It can be harder to land really big fish than heavier weight rods.
  • When landing larger fish they are easier to break than the heavier rods.
  • When you are fishing for fish more than one hundred and fifty pounds, it may be a good idea to go with a heaver rod.

My Choices For The Best 10 wt. Saltwater Fly Rod

The Vesper Series Fly Fishing Rod

The Vesper Series Fly Fishing Rod is my Upgrade Choice for the best 10 wt. saltwater fly fishing rod. The upgrade choice is for those of us that are willing to pay a higher price for the absolute best quality. You may be paying a higher price, but you are getting a higher quality product that should last for years to come.

If you are willing to make a significant investment in a top-notch fly-fishing rod, the Vesper from the Moonshine Rod Co. is an excellent option.


This rod comes in weight options ranging from 3 to 10 and in various lengths. However, I focused on the 10 wt. rod which is 9’ long.

The blanks are made of high-modulus and high-performance nano matrix carbon fiber. This material is extremely strong and durable. When combined with the fast-action design, it allows for excellent casting accuracy and presentation, not to mention that it has more than enough energy transfer to feel even the smallest nibbles.

The tobacco tiger reel seat features double blackout downlocking rings for a secure hold, and it is marine ready. Combined with the fighting butt, the AAAA-grade cork handle, the titanium frame SiC stripping guides, and the light wire single foot guides, you get one heck of a saltwater fly rod.

Upgrade Review Pick Best 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod
Best 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod


  • Great casting accuracy
  • High energy transfer
  • Durable and flexible
  • Very lightweight design
  • High-quality cork handle
  • Fighting butt for big fish
  • Titanium frame stripping guides
  • Extra tip included


  • This rod is more costly and may be out of the price range of many beginners

The Outcast Series Saltwater Hybrid Fly Fishing Rod

The Outcast Series Saltwater Hybrid Fly Fishing Rod is my Editor’s Choice for the best 10 wt. saltwater fly fishing rod. The editor’s choice provides the perfect mix of quality and price. You will not be disappointed in the quality of this rod. In addition, the price is still within reason and will not break the bank.

This is a significantly more expensive fly rod. It is ideal for beginners and seasoned fly fishermen alike, as it comes with great features and an excellent quality level.


This rod is available in several weights, including 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11; keep in mind that the 10 wt. model is 9’ long, making it ideal for some pretty big fish. The Outcast is made of high modulus graphite, making it quite durable yet also relatively flexible.

This is a lightweight rod that features a fast-action design, which goes a long way in allowing for excellent casting distance and presentation. Thanks to the design of this rod, feeling even the smallest of nibbles is easy.

You’ll get high-quality components with the titanium frame SiC stripping guides and the stainless hard chrome snake guides.

Even though the high modulus graphite is quite durable, something could still break, especially the tip, when fighting a big fish; this is why this four-piece rod actually comes with two tip sections.

You also get an AAAA-grade cork handle with a fighting butt for those big fish, complete with a saltwater ready matte engraved aluminum reel seat.  

Editors Choice Review Pick Best 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod
Best 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod


  • Great casting distance
  • Good presentation
  • Durable guides
  • Saltwater ready aluminum reel seat
  • High-quality cork handle + fighting butt
  • Several weight and length options
  • Durable yet flexible blank


  • Certain reels are challenging to secure onto or remove from the reel seat
  • This is not a budget choice

The Extreme Graphite Fly-Fishing Rod

The Extreme Graphite Fly-Fishing Rod is my best value pick for best 10 wt. saltwater fly fishing rod. This simply means that I feel this fly rod is still of sufficient quality to be a good buy while having a lower price than our other choices. This item will get the job done or I would not recommend it at all.

This is an extremely high-quality fly-fishing rod that is very reasonably priced. Based on the quality, you’d think that it should cost much more.


The M Maximumcatch Extreme Fly-Fishing Rod is made with very high-quality materials. The blank comprises five carbon fiber layers and reinforced with a muscle carbon layer, resulting in a 20% increase in strength compared to comparable rods, and it is saltwater ready.

Keep in mind that this rod features a fast-action design, which helps it excel in distance casting and presentation. If you are going for long-distance casting, this is a great fly rod.

This rod comes with a high-density machined aluminum reel seat for secure reel locking, plus it has a pure A+ contoured cork handle for an excellent grip.

Moreover, this rod comes in many weights ranging from 3 wt. to 10 wt., making it ideal for all sorts of prey and fishing conditions; you can also choose from rod lengths ranging from 8’4” to 10’.

Best Value Review Product Best 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod
Best 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod


  • Saltwater ready
  • Many weights to select from
  • Many rod lengths to select from
  • Superior blank strength
  • High-quality reel seal
  • Great cork handles
  • Highly portable four-piece design


  • Stiff compared to other rods
  • Eyelets are not the strongest

Honorable Mentions For The Best 10 Wt. Saltwater Fly Rod

The Z Fly Fishing Rod

Some would consider The Z Fly Fishing Rod an entry-level saltwater fly rod. It comes at a reasonable price, is ideal for beginners, and still has some great features.


One of this rod’s most impressive features is that it is made of 40T Japan Toray high-modulus graphite fiber. It comes with multi-graphite positioning technology to produce a lightweight rod with excellent balance.

This is a durable and rugged fast-action rod with plenty of energy transfer, allowing for accurate distance casting and the ability to easily feel nibbles. This is a four-piece rod, which makes it ideal in terms of portability. Remember that it comes in several weight and length options.

The marine-grade CNC aluminum reel seat is ideal for freshwater and saltwater alike, and it comes with a double-locking reel seat for a secure reel to rod connection. The titanium deep-pressed guides are about as strong as can be, and they shouldn’t cause line snags.

Best 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod


  • Durable blank
  • Lightweight and great balance
  • Excellent energy transfer
  • Great for casting accuracy
  • Comes in several weights and length
  • High-quality guides
  • Marine ready double locking reel seat
  • Fighting butt included
  • Great price


  • Handle is relatively smooth and slippery when wet

The Maxcatch Saltwater Fly Rod

The Maxcatch Saltwater Fly Rod one is ideal for beginners, comes at a reasonable price, and still has some great features.


What’s nice about this rod is that it comes in various weight options ranging from 6 wt. to 12 wt. The blank comprises seven layers of 40T carbon fiber and is reinforced with a layer of reinforced muscle carbon for up to 35% more strength than other carbon fiber rods.

Suppose you are looking for a very durable rod with a fast-action design that allows for long-distance casting accuracy and excellent presentation. In that case, this is a great choice to consider. It also features an excellent recovery rate and even works well in windy conditions.

The oversized tip loop is an excellent addition that allows for smooth and long-distance casting.

To top it off, you also get high-quality saltwater guides and a saltwater-ready reel seat, along with a high-quality AAA+ cork handle, as well as a fighting butt.

Best 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod


  • Great price
  • Many weight options
  • High-quality cork handle
  • Fighting butt included
  • Up to 35% stronger than other CF rods
  • Great recovery rate
  • Excellent long-distance casting accuracy
  • Fast action for an excellent presentation


  • The tip may not be ideal for large fighting fish


As you can see, there are plenty of great 10 wt. saltwater fly rods on the market. When it comes to the products we have reviewed today, we would recommend the Moonshine Rod Co. The Vesper Series Fly Fishing Rod – it is ideal for beginners and professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions – The Best 10 Wt Saltwater Fly Rod

What is a 10 weight fly rod good for?

A 10 weight fly rod is good for fishing large flies and in windy conditions. It can also be used for saltwater fishing.

What size fly rod is best salt water?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as the type and size of fish you are targeting, the conditions you will be fishing in, and your personal preferences. However, many anglers believe that a 9 or 10 weight fly rod is the best choice for saltwater fishing.

Can you use a freshwater fly rod in saltwater?

Yes, you can use a freshwater fly rod in saltwater, but it is not recommended. Saltwater is much more corrosive than freshwater and will damage your fly rod over time. If you do decide to use a freshwater fly rod in saltwater, be sure to rinse it off with fresh water as soon as possible after each use.

What weight fly rod is most versatile?

A 9 weight fly rod is considered to be the most versatile. It can be used for a wide range of fish species and in a variety of conditions.

What weight rod do you need for tarpon?

For tarpon, you will need a heavy duty rod, such as a 10 or 11 weight. These rods are designed to handle the large size and powerful strikes of tarpon.

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