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The spearfishing arm of Aimrite was established in 1998. This was done with the intention of producing high-quality trigger mechanisms and other accessories for some of the best speargun manufacturers around the world. Having perfected a super-strong and reliable mechanism, it began to focus on a similar product for the European market. This search led to the creation of a railgun which is still regarded as one of the best available. It set Aimrite on a path to becoming respected the world over. Although a truly international business, with manufacturing bases across Europe, America, and China, most production takes place in Australia. However, it maintains strong ties with Hawaii, where the concept of its Venom series was first invented.

New Ownership

The company went through a major change in 2012 when the new owners, Travis and Cassie Hogan, engaged in a program of expansion and investment. This confirmed Aimrite’s position within the market, with an excellent range of carbon fiber and aluminum spearguns to suit most budgets, preferences, and environments.

A glance at its website lets you know straight away that they mean business. Take the new 2020 version of the Venom, for example. The listing tells you exactly how it has been improved and why. It reassures you that the affordable price doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. And it advises you on the preferred use – in this case, as an introduction to hunting in the reefs.

Once you are more adept, you can take it a step further, with a roller or railgun with higher specifications. The King Venom railgun, for instance, packs a serious punch, ideal for bluewater hunting. It is powerful, has great range and tracks really well. But how about taking up another notch? The new Fury carbon fiber roller railgun from Aimrite USA might be of interest. It combines some of the best qualities of other models to produce an impressively strong weapon. With a barrel made from 100% carbon fiber, this gun also incorporates a pretension on and off switch for easier loading. Created for ‘advanced reef diving’, the Fury is definitely a weapon for those with a little more experience.


Aimrite’s confidence in its spearguns is backed by its warranty ‘for the lifetime of the railgun’. This covers the weapon against any defects in the quality of materials or workmanship that stops the item from working satisfactorily and they promise to replace or repair defective parts. Obviously, perishable or ‘consumable’ parts are not included, and the company stresses that the warranty will be voided if the ‘safety assist’ device is removed. There is a habit amongst some spearos of removing safety catches, but manufacturers put them there for a reason.

Other Gear

Aimrite’s expertise isn’t limited to guns, however; its range of reels, heads, and accessories, including the ‘penetrator’ carbon fiber/composite fin blades is definitely worth a look. The ‘Ghost Clear’ set is particularly impressive. Finally, Aimrite takes its social responsibilities seriously, engaging in fundraising for children’s’ charities and programs to encourage kids to become involved in the sport to raise the next generation of spearos.


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